I’ve started all my papers for school this week with a blog entry. A mixed blessing when it’s finals week.. Haha. This morning, I stopped by the front desk to chat with CJ. He is, by far, the sweetest security guard I’ve met. Dennis is the other nice one, but he’s liked by everyone. CJ is a weirdo, and I find that more endearing 🙂 So this morning, CJ tells me a story. The moral of which is–you guessed it–be kind to others! But a small gesture really could change a person, could water a withering flower. He tells me of a female security guard named Rosalyn who has to exit the library building through the back door as protocol (to perform some final security measures before she heads home). Apparently, every time she exits, she waves at the security camera that hangs above the door. She’s been doing this consistently for a year now, without knowing if anyone is on the other side watching. Now, I wonder if CJ, who’s watching from the security desk, waves back?

I find myself smiling and laughing every time I’m chatting with CJ. Doesn’t matter what our mood is that day, we put on a smile when we see each other, we act the part if that’s necessary! An implicit understanding passes between us, it’s that life is tough, and a bit of encouragement never hurts. Now, off to my paper!

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