A photo album I mean to retrieve. I believe it’s still lying about somewhere. Can you believe that with me?

It is in these dark, silent hours of the dawn-just-about-to-break, not quite ready yet, that my thoughts assume more clarity. Right now I am recalling a particular photo album (of my childhood, and yes, it hurts more) that I foolishly (arguably my foolishness in its most supreme form) dropped into the wrong bag, and it got shipped to the donation center before my own bespeckled eyes. Why didn’t I do anything? I just stood there with my arms limp at my sides, palms sweaty, knees weak, you know the drill. In those technicolor flashes of time, the truck rolled off at a snail’s pace. And I stood there and watched (perhaps I drooled a bit too). Here the story of my Epic Complacency and Resignation begins. A foolish mistake, a second too late, and the stamp is sealed, the cards are drawn, this is your fate…

Well, no. No, it isn’t! A little (BIG) mission saved for post-graduation leisure.. Like good ol’ dumpster diving, except w. direction. Perhaps I’ll ask Julie to join me, this stuff is her profession. Hm, I guess this will be like my lifelong search for my childhood friend, also postponed for serious pursuit to an older year. You ask how I could lose track of such a friend? Well, life happened. At the time, the distance she would be traveling was too great for either of us to fathom. All we could do was exchange hugs and kisses and wave till we melted into the horizon, not nearly comprehending the weight of this separation. Her name is Juyoung, and we share a fairytale together.. To be told another time. Goodnight!

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