Escape of GMO Wheat! Perpetrator: Monsanto, Fed

Warned that GMO open-field experiments would go awry. GMOs would escape, cause genetic pollution. Investing/infecting other farms, compromise US food supply/integrity. USDA two days ago: GMO wheat growing in field in Oregon. Next day: Japan contracting order for US wheat. Same true throughout most of Asia, Europe. Cuz of contamination caused by Monsanto, approved by USDA. Result: price for wheat plummeting ==> dumpster-diving for low-grade, contaminated products in America. So America, once breadbasket of world, now dumping ground. Farmers pushed to edge of bankruptcy, can’t pay this year’s overhead. Farming is cash-flow business, one bad season, you’re history. Some farmers buy contracts on commodities to alleviate risk (invest), but other farmers don’t do this. That means next year, fewer farmers to plant wheat ==> price increase for long-term! At same time ruining America’s reputation! There should be class-action lawsuit against Monsanto by every farmer harmed. This is like BP oil-spilling in Gulf. We gotta’ stop protecting big corporate polluters! Monsanto’s promise: increase yields and feed world. Not reality. Stock has dropped 4.12%. Farmers accidentally planting GMOs, never intentionally. So how to put genie back into bottle? Can’t, GMO variety will cross-breed w. non-GMO variety.. Some folks in Washington, DC attempting roll back on power of federal gov’t. FDA have abused every bit of power they’ve been given.. What they’re doing is unconstitutional, running police state. Underground story: everyone up in arms about IRS targeting conservative groups, but FTC/FDA doing worse than that against natural product companies for at least decade. Endorse natural product ==> suddenly you’ve got new drug and FDA coming after you. Gov’t obviously not solution, helped create these problems. Because we live under system that technically is fascism, corporates controlling gov’t. So ppl on all political lines want to put power back into hands of ppl. US gov’t ruined its own industry.

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