Spastic Bucket List. And frustrations (glimpse of Tree Frog’s private life)

  • Blog posts like my daily post-it note posts. (So like a madwoman)
  • Photography, videography, graphic design, etc.
  • Tea Tuesdays, Improv Wednesdays, Capoeira Thursdays, Farming Fridays, Yoga retreats on weekends.. I need to narrow down and streamline my priorities..
  • China: Wenchuan, Lijiang, Yunnan, Yunlong Snow Mtn., Rainbow Mtn. (part of the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park)
  • N. Korea, Mongolia, Tibet, Indonesian islands, Camobida and Laos, Philippine islands, Mali and Ethiopia, Serbia and Italy
  • CouchSurfing, BeWelcome, WarmShowers. Meeting travelers reminds me of peace and laughter and of being human, so here’s to my future Juliets and Romeos!

More randomness (parented by laziness): I miss A, a lot. But I don’t like (it is disturbing and disarming) that I’m attracted to these beautiful, passionate Sagittariuses who have that unshakable confidence and uncompromising sense of self, who’re intelligent, charming, and even KIND (but those soft, lovesick eyes of theirs!). But who are tragically unreliable. Flighty. They break my delicate heart into pitiful pieces, they ruin me. My enormous fear of this grim result arrests my meandering steps, distills the twinkle in my eyes.. And all that remains is my longing to just say “yes!” A can be an acronym for Appa, who was a rare sight when I was growing up. But delight, admiration, and the purest kind of love always accompanied such rarity. I stop here before I say too much, redirect to the safety of my private journal..

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