ViewPoint: Very Long Investment, Pensions and Retirement; plus 7 Days to Friday 11th October 2013

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S e w e l l B r y d e n G u n n ViewPoint: Very Long Investment, Pensions and Retirement: If you are not sure if you are putting enough aside for retirement, or even if you think you are – is important to get all this reviewed.

Many people do not regularly check their “WealthPot” to see how it is faring – ie the money investments and scheme assets that they are hoping will provide enough for them to live a satisfactorily comfortable lifestyle when they exit from dependent paid work (running a business or employment!) and need a financially independent source of income. Most people call this point in time “retirement” but an increasingly significant number simply want to exit from dependent paid work as early as possible so they can get on with either a full life of leisure, increased time on vocational effort or even starting a new venture. 

Investors will frequently, if not casually, look at the length of time they…

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