Book Review: The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin (1859)

The Curmudgeon's Attic lists Darwin’s magnum opus as the 7,861st most popular book on its website.  The best-selling book of all time, is of course, the Christian Bible.  In The Origin of Species, Darwinappeals to reason in laying out his argument that species (including Homo sapiens, except not claiming so directly) were not created (i.e. had no need of a Creator), but had evolved through a process of evolution by natural selection.  The Bible appeals to the human heart in its explanations of the vagaries and vicissitudes of man’s relationship to nature, to his place in society, and to his own soul.  On a fundamental, rational level, Darwin’s arguments are nigh well unassailable.   The Bible instead requires belief, or at least the suspension of disbelief.  As man is a giddy, emotional animal, he naturally gravitates to the argument best positioned to infuse his life with emotional meaning—preferring the argument that plucks…

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