Escape of GMO Wheat! Perpetrator: Monsanto, Fed

Warned that GMO open-field experiments would go awry. GMOs would escape, cause genetic pollution. Investing/infecting other farms, compromise US food supply/integrity. USDA two days ago: GMO wheat growing in field in Oregon. Next day: Japan contracting order for US wheat. Same true throughout most of Asia, Europe. Cuz of contamination caused by Monsanto, approved by […]

Spastic Bucket List. And frustrations (glimpse of Tree Frog’s private life)

Blog posts like my daily post-it note posts. (So like a madwoman) Photography, videography, graphic design, etc. Tea Tuesdays, Improv Wednesdays, Capoeira Thursdays, Farming Fridays, Yoga retreats on weekends.. I need to narrow down and streamline my priorities.. China: Wenchuan, Lijiang, Yunnan, Yunlong Snow Mtn.,┬áRainbow Mtn. (part of the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park) N. […]