Back to School: A Blogging How-To

The Blog

With Labor Day a distant memory (two days ago, already?), the school year is already in full swing. Whether you’ve been blogging regularly through the heat of summer, or slowed down your pace with some lazy days on the beach, it’s time to gear up for another term. Your campus bookstore can serve your Go ______! t-shirt and spill-proof mug needs. For setting up (or polishing) your blog, you can count on us: from social tools to academic boosters, here are some indispensable tips for the young scholar-blogger (and yes, educators, you can use a blog, too).

What did you do last summer?

What’s the point of a summer course in France, an internship at a buzzing not-for-profit, or work at your uncle’s cupcake bakery, if you can’t share some pics with your friends? Showcasing your exploits is easy with a beautiful customized gallery.

Galleries can come…

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