I realize that I’ve lived rather slowly, a blessing in disguise, yes. As is every year deemed wasteful, cast away as pitiable and laggard, negligent. All those years, I was unpacking–quietly at times, frantically at others–the box of fairy tales and nightmares from my early childhood, memories of self-denigration and -castigation, the dramatic, crimson and black […]

A photo album I mean to retrieve. I believe it’s still lying about somewhere. Can you believe that with me?

It is in these dark, silent hours of the dawn-just-about-to-break, not quite ready yet, that my thoughts assume more clarity. Right now I am recalling a particular photo album (of my childhood, and yes, it hurts more) that I foolishly (arguably my foolishness in its most supreme form) dropped into the wrong bag, and it […]

Finals week musings. My paper is due in three hours. It remains unwritten.

I guess that is how relationships are. We don’t know what we’re doing most of the time. We ruminate for eons and trace point-less circles, we procrastinate (the dreaded word) and act rashly without having decided on a decision, we take heedless and unheeded risks, we crash into the dark and cartwheel into foreign waters, we try […]